GIF Review: Dark Sons by Nikki Grimes

Dark Sons by Nikki Grimes


Teen submitter Erick says, “"This book is about a boy and his father. It takes place in the desert. In the middle of the story, the boy’s father left to protect his family. There is sad ending.  I put a scary effect on this book cover because the boy was struggling by himself alone in the desert. It would be very scary if it was hard to find water.”

GIF Review: No, David by David Shannon

No, David by David Shannon

Teen submitter Charvis says, “This book reminds me of my childhood - what I used to do when I was little. I like this author and the books that he writes about fictional characters. I like the sequels to this book too.
I chose the Jittery Blur animation because David is standing on books and shaking the table, so the movement in the animation matches the book cover.”